Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Best Day

My best day is when I met Kyle and Rebekah, when I was a year two, I asked to play and they said yes. When it was lunch time we all started to play a game we call power, then when we went to class we all sat together and did our work together. Kyle and Rebekah met when they were in Room Three, when I came we were in Room Two and we have all been friends since then.         

                                   By Natalia  

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Weekend

On Saturday at eleven my cousin Esah took me and my baby cousin Decade to play mini golf. After mini golf I  got to go on the go-karts and my baby cousin got to go on a kids one he went on four wheeler. After that we went home and got our togs to have swim at the beach, the water was cold. I went out to the big wave, one wave flipped  me over and made me have a sore leg. We all got out of the water and went home to have a shower.

By Natalia